A - Achieve              

A1 – Academic excellence (achieving/exceeding)

A2 - Use feedback to improve our work

A3 – Be resilient in our learning to enable progress

A4 - Achieve outside of the classroom

S - Self-Manage

S1 – Be equipped for learning

S2 – Demonstrate effective time management

S3 – Consistently meet deadlines

S4 – Take responsibility for our actions

P - Pride

P1 – Excellent presentation of work

P2 – Look after our school environment

P3 – Contribute to our school and wider community

P4 – Wear our uniform with pride

I - Independent

I1 – Responsible for my learning and revision outside of the classroom

I2 – Attempt to solve problems before asking the teacher

I3 -Set our own challenges and strive to achieve them

I4 – Reflect on my learning and take action

R - Respect

R1 – Listen to the ideas and opinions of others

R2 – Accept and have tolerance for others

R3 – Concentrate on our work and do not distract others

R4 – Encourage, support and be kind to others

E - Effort

E1 – Persevere with tasks to demonstrate improvement

E2 – Learn from my mistakes

E3 – Take time to make my work the best it can be

E4 – Willing to actively participate even if unsure