Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

I understand that I must use school ICT systems in a responsible way, to ensure that there is no risk to my safety or to the safety and security of the ICT systems and other users. I recognise the value of the use of ICT for enhancing learning and will ensure that students receive opportunities to gain from the use of ICT. I will, where possible, educate the young people in my care in the safe use of ICT and embed e-safety in my work with young people.

For my professional and personal safety:

              I understand that Nether Stowe School will monitor my use of the ICT systems, email and other digital communications.

              I understand that the rules set out in this agreement also apply to use of school ICT systems (e.g. laptops, email, VLE, portable devices) out of school. 

              I understand that Nether Stowe School will store Biometric data on a student to ensure that a third party cannot access resources such as the cashless catering account or school printers without the permission of Nether Stowe School Administrator.

              I understand that the school ICT systems are primarily intended for educational use and that I will only use the systems for personal or recreational use within the policies and rules set down by the school.

              I will not disclose my username or password to anyone else, nor will I try to use any other person’s username and password.

              I will immediately report any illegal, inappropriate or harmful material or incident, I become aware of, to the appropriate person. 

I will be professional in my communications and actions when using school ICT systems:

              I will not access, copy, remove or otherwise alter any other user’s files, without their express permission.

              I will communicate with others in a professional manner, I will not use aggressive or inappropriate language and I appreciate that others may have different opinions.

              I will ensure that when I take and / or publish images of others I will do so with their permission and in accordance with Nether Stowe school’s policy on the use of digital / video images. I will not use my personal equipment to record these images, unless I have permission to do so. Where these images are published (eg on the school website / VLE) it will not be possible to identify by name, or other personal information, those who are featured.

              I will only use chat and social networking sites in school in accordance with the school’s policies.

              I will only communicate with students  and  parents / carers using official school systems. Any such communication will be professional in tone and manner.

              I will not engage in any on-line activity that may compromise my professional responsibilities.

The school and the local authority have the responsibility to provide safe and secure access to technologies and ensure the smooth running of the school:

              When I use my personal hand held / external devices (PDAs / laptops / mobile phones / USB devices etc) at Nether Stowe School, I will follow the rules set out in this agreement, in the same way as if I was using Nether Stowe school equipment. I will also follow any additional rules set by Nether Stowe School about such use. I will ensure that any such devices are protected by up to date anti-virus software and are free from viruses. 

              I will not use personal email addresses on the school ICT systems.

              I will not open any attachments to emails, unless the source is known and trusted, due to the risk of the attachment containing viruses or other harmful programmes.

              I will ensure that my data is regularly backed up, in accordance with relevant school policies.

              I will not try to upload, download or access any materials which are illegal (child sexual abuse images, criminally racist material, adult pornography covered by the Obscene Publications Act) or inappropriate or may cause harm or distress to others. I will not try to use any programmes or software that might allow me to bypass the filtering / security systems in place to prevent access to such materials.

              I will not try (unless I have permission) to make large downloads or uploads that might take up internet capacity and prevent other users from being able to carry out their work.

              I will not install or attempt to install programmes of any type on a machine, or store programmes on a computer, nor will I try to alter computer settings, unless this is allowed in school policies.

              I will not disable or cause any damage to school equipment, or the equipment belonging to others.

              I will only transport, hold, disclose or share personal information about myself or others, as outlined in the school’s Personal Data Policy. Where personal data is transferred outside the secure school network, it must be encrypted.

              I understand that data protection policy requires that any staff or student data, to which I have access, will be kept private and confidential, except when it is deemed necessary that I am required by law or by Nether Stowe School policy to disclose such information to an appropriate authority.

              I will immediately report any damage or faults involving equipment or software, however this may have happened.

When using the internet in my professional capacity or for Nether Stowe school sanctioned personal use:

              I will ensure that I have permission to use the original work of others in my own work

              Where work is protected by copyright, I will not download or distribute copies (including music and videos).

I understand that I am responsible for my actions in and out of school:

              I understand that this Acceptable Use Policy applies not only to my work and use of school ICT equipment at Nether Stowe school, but also applies to my use of school ICT systems and equipment out of school and my use of personal equipment in school or in situations related to my employment by the school.

              I understand that if I fail to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy Agreement, I could be subject to disciplinary action.  This could include a warning, a suspension, referral to Governors and / or the Local Authority  and in the event of illegal activities the involvement of the police.

I have read and understand the above and agree to use Nether Stowe School ICT systems (both in and out of school) and my own  devices (in school and when carrying out communications related to the school)  within these guidelines.