School and home working in partnership is always very beneficial to students’ progress and so clear lines of communication are essential.

You can contact school staff in the following ways

  • A note in the planner for your child to show the teacher
  • Write a note or letter for the child to hand to the teacher
  • Email - all addresses are on the web site
  • Telephone to speak to the member of staff. It is unlikely that a teacher will be free during the day, but you can leave a message for them to call back.
  • Telephone to make an appointment to see a teacher. These meetings will usually take place before or after the school day
  • Teachers are very busy during the day so it is not advisable to arrive at the school hoping to see a specific person. If you do arrive without an appointment, the reception staff will find the member of staff and come back to you with their availability.
  • On some occasions it may be possible to see a different member of staff. Please note, this person may not be familiar with the child or the situation

In line with our protocols around communication, where a short response is required you should receive a reply within 24 hours, for more complex issues (for example, where information is needed from a number of colleagues) within 3 days.

Email is a very effective means of communication but we appreciate not available to all parents’ and carers.